In October, 1921, a meeting was held in the courthouse at Waynesburg. In attendance were 75 prospective Greene County Country Club members including a group from Waynesburg and one from the eastern end of the county. Committees were appointed to stimulate interest and it was decided to attempt to obtain 300 member stockholders at $100 per share.


The committee viewed several parcels of land which included the Reinhart-Carpenter farm just east of Waynesburg, now known as Rolling Meadows and the Harry farm.  The G.C. Harry farm was purchased at $200 per acre and the sale was final on October 27, 1921.  The Harry family reserved the oil and gas rights and in 1924 a gas well was drilled to the left of the No. 1 fairway. The well was productive and continues to be a hazard for hookers!


W.I. Kyle was elected the first president of the Greene County Country Club shortly after the purchase of the land. By  November 3, 1921 the club had gained 200 members, mostly from eastern Greene County.  The first board members were elected by the original committee that spearheaded the vision for opening a country club in Greene County.  The board members were:  W. I. Kyle (President),  A. Garrison, H. L. Abel, J. I. Hook, J. Huffman, W. C. Montgomery, and W. E. Baily.


After the board members were appointed work began on the golf course.  A reservoir was built on the hill  for water storage and a well was drilled where the pump house stands on the right of No.2 tee to provide water to water the course.  During the construction,  a group of Superintendents from the local mining companies helped, to the best of their abilities, subsidize the construction of the course.  The construction included tennis courts, a clubhouse, practice greens and a shuffle board court.  The Club no longer has a shuffle board court but if you look closely  to the right of the No. 5 green you can still see remnants of the cement blocks.


On May 30th, 1923 the Club was formally opened.  A celebratory dinner/dance was attended by over 200 people.  The event was so large that the clubhouse could not handle the crowd and many people ate on the lawn!  The dues to join the Greene County Country Club in it's inaugural year were $25  and bonds were issued at $100 per share.


Over the years, the club continued to develop and grow.  In the 1930's the pro/greens keeper started reseeding all the greens into bent grass.  Later that decade, over the protests of many church members and "drys", a charter was changed to permit liquor on the premise.


 At the advent of World War II, the club went defunct. The outstanding bills were paid and the bonds were retired at fifty cents on the dollar. In 1946 the club was reorganized and bonds were issued in various denominations to restart.   Many members actually labored, cut grass, dug, planted and groomed the course to be playable again.


In late 1970's and early 80's the Club added an irrigation system and utilized the vacant spot behind the Pro Shop by constructing a swimming pool.  The pool was opened the summer of 1980 and, with a donation from a member, a bathhouse was added in 1989.  The original tennis courts were to the right of No. 1 tee but were moved in the late 70's to the right of No. 9 tee.  With the members minimal interest in playing tennis the Board Members voted to change the area into a driving range in 2012.


The present Golf Course Superintendent, Michael Vukmanic, has devoted more than 35 years grooming and improving upon the quality of the greens, tees, and fairways.  He is responsible for many of the changes that have taken place since the early 1970's.  Because of his dedication, this course remains " the best kept secret in Southwestern PA."


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