2022 Membership Rates


**(Introductory Membership stipulates that you must have never been an adult member of GCCC.)


Individual Memberships - Entitles a member to all privileges and facilities of the Club. The families of the individual members are not entitled to any privileges and facilities of the Club, unless they meet the criterion set by the Club in regards to Guest or special Club functions.


Family Memberships - Entitles a member and their immediate family, spouse, and children to all privileges and facility of the Club. Under this class of membership, such membership of the children shall expire when that child reaches the age of (18), unless that child is attending college or school beyond high school. This does not include additional schooling such as graduate schools, pre med., etc.


35 & Under - This membership entitles a member ages 35 & under to all privileges and facilities of the Club.


65 & Over - Weekday Only. Excludes weekends and holidays.  Must not have been a member the past 10 years.


Junior - This membership is only for children who will not reach the age of (19) before September of the membership year. Junior members shall be entitled to all privileges and facilities of the Club except that golf playing times and other possible rules that are set by the Board of Governors. (Play before 2:00 pm on the weekends and holidays will not be permitted without special permission from the Club professional).



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